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"You only need One Musician to have the sound of an Orchestra"



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Using a combination of professional sound equipment, advanced sequencing, live performance, and a Laptop computer, Steve can create any musical atmosphere you want.

Versatility, Flexibility, and Portability make him the right choice for any event!

Bar Mitzvah  Birthday  Wedding  Confirmation  Anniversary
Christmas  Chanukah  Cocktail Parties  Fund raisers  Etc.

"I' ve played wedding ceremonies and parties in the most unusual places.  On the beach during sunset, under the trees, on beautiful golf courses and ships.  My equipment is battery capable so I can play music anywhere you can imagine."

Getting married in a small room at your favorite restaurant, or on the grounds of someone's beautiful home.  Having a get together in your house before or after the "big event". Just want someone to play the piano while you enjoy a romantic dinner.  Steve can provide that "Special touch" that turns an ordinary party into an Extraordinary affair. Steve also plays Flute and Saxophone along with his computerized keyboards !

"Some of the ceremonies I've played have sounded so beautiful that even I cry !"

Having a live musician is so much more entertaining then a DJ. Hundreds of songs are stored on the computer and instantly accessible so you have the best of both worlds.  Your favorite dance tunes right from the CDs, the ability to accompany your relatives and closest friends when they want to get up and sing a song or perform a special presentation, designed just for your party. Sound effects, drum rolls, improvisational ability are all literally at Steve's fingertips. Toasts to the bride and groom and candle-lighting ceremonies sound so much better when punctuated with the right music.

"All a DJ can offer is sound and volume, they bring giant speakers that annoy your guests.  Not only will your guests enjoy my musical selections they will also be able to converse with one another and won't leave your party with their ears ringing.  I will take the time to plan and discuss your party and musical tastes, to insure that there is enjoyable music for everyone!"